Prion Overview

Prion is an open-source and fully extensible Linear Genetic Programming (LGP) framework written in Python and released under the GPL license. It is stored within a single file for ease of inclusion in research/projects. 

Prion assumes some basic knowledge of GP principles. If you are entirely new to the field, please refer to the "List of GP Resources" link below for an orientation. At a minimum, Prion assumes the reader has existing familiarity with the following concepts of GP:

  • Random program generation
  • Populations
  • ERC
  • Function sets
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Crossover
  • Mutation
  • Fitness


Getting Started With Prion


Prion Examples

  • Lambda-based (mutation) versus crossover based (sexual) program creation 


Source (Prion):

Prion @ GitHub


Source (Examples)

  • Lambda-based (mutation) versus crossover based (sexual) program creation (Coming Soon)